Living Ability Not Disability (L.A.N.D.) Malta


Most of our members with a disability are wheelchair users and suitable transport equipped with tail-lifts has to be hired from a private entity at a hefty costs, two activities per month can amount up to EUR 600. Although members with a disability are charged a minimal fee of EUR 5. 00 in light of the inclusion concept, the rest of the costs are forked out from the organisation’s coffers. Besides other costs of communications, issuing of circulars, participation of seminars locally and most importantly paying costs of the non-disabled volunteers when attending events since their assistance is crucial. Total expenditure of yearly costs amount up to EUR 10,000.

History of fundraising events

 Since our organisation doesn’t receive any public funds we are thus charity-driven to raise funds in order to organise activities. Money raised is usually during Easter and Christmas lunches selling raffle tickets for items donated and money donated from some benefactors.

Rebel Riders 2005/2008

Rebel Riders Activity 2005/2008


LAND Rock Marathon 2005 

 In May 2005 and 2008, a charity ride organised by the Rebel Riders Brotherhood was in aid of LAND. December 2005, a 12 hour rock marathon was held at Rookies Pub, Bugibba. Seventeen rock bands participated therefore increasing our circle of friends.  At Christmas in two yearly events employees from the Seabank Hotel donated a small part from their wages towards LAND. Stephen Attard an active member with a physical disability achieved three long distance swims in three consecutive years in 2006, 2007 and 2008 from St.Paul’s Islands to L-Ghasselin Bay, the following from Comino to Malta and the final one from Gozo to Malta. Raising a substantial amount of money in aid of LAND each year,  besides transmitting the message that with the right encouragement and support anything can be achieved.

Steve Attard (right) 

Furthermore, in 2005 and 2006 the Community Chest Fund donated money for our cause. LAND was also a beneficiary of L-Istrina mega Fundraisers three times since 2005. Moreover, car booth sales were organised with the collaboration of Inspire. Car wash events were held recently and with the latest agreement with Hartons were they donate part of their profits towards LAND.


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