Living Ability Not Disability (L.A.N.D.) Malta

History of LAND

LAND [living ability not disability] was founded by Ms. Jeanesse Abela, a disabled youth and Ms. Michelle Farrugia in August 2002. The aims are to promote inclusion, education, independence and socialize youths with physical disabilities into mainstream society. Initially this organization was set up as a sub-committee of the National Parents for Disabled Persons organization, but since 5th July 2005 LAND embarked into an independent non-profit organization with its own statute and officially recognized by the National Commission Persons with Disability.


Due to lack of personal assistance, mobility and accessibility barriers, physically disabled youths were impaired from living and enjoying a healthy social life – one takes for granted. Therefore, LAND has filled a void in our society in this regard with the valuable aid of a few volunteers that have joined LAND from all walks of life.


In order to keep our objectives going we require financial backing since we do not receive any financial support from Government sources. Hence, LAND is a charity-driven organization to keep up with our on going hefty expenses. Most of our disabled members are wheelchair users and thus vehicles with tail-left equipment has to be hired each time an activity is organized, three outings per month costs 800 Euros. Although 5 Euros transport fee is charged per user, the remainder is subsidized from funds collected. Furthermore, other expenses include communications, issuing of circulars and participation costs when our members and their personal assistants participate in conferences abroad and locally. Total annual expenses amount up to 9,000 Euros.


Future aims:


  • To be in a financial position to also subsidies and eventually cut all costs of our volunteers. Most of our members require a one to one assistance basis and sometimes this turns out to be our biggest hurdles since volunteers are hard to come by in large numbers and their assistance is vital during each activity.


  •  To hopefully have our own premises for committee meetings and to promote independent living life-style tasks.


Independent living concept

The Independent Living Era emerged in the early seventies in the USA, when Vietnam veterans returned to their homeland crippled and maimed from the war. Most of these young men ended up living an institutionalized life, adding insult to injury. Rebelling against this situation they embarked for their rights and created the Independent Living Movement to re-obtain control of their lives.  The Independent Living Movement, defined independence in 1989 as being…[Morris, Jenny 1995] “…able to achieve our goals. The point is that independent people have control over their lives, not that they perform every tasks themselves. Independence is not linked to the physical or intellectual capacity to care for oneself without assistance; independence is created by having assistance when and how one requires it “


LAND promotes independent living as it enables control of ones life with the right equipment and human resources. In fact a number of our disabled members and their aides attended conferences abroad and participated in this matter to broaden knowledge and thus share.



People over 18 years of age can join us in this dynamic Endeavour.



Persons from 18 years of age with a physical disability only may join LAND and have to be responsible for their own selves and their actions.


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