Living Ability Not Disability (L.A.N.D.) Malta

Independent Living Concept

The independent living era emerged in the early seventies in the USA, when Vietnam veterans returned home from the war badly wounded and maimed for the rest of their lives. Most of these young men ended up living an institutionalized life, adding insult to injury. Rebelling against this situation they embarked for their human rights and created the Independent Living Movement to re-obtain control of their lives. Independent living is defined   as being (Morris, Jenny 1995) “ able to achieve our goals. The point is that independent people have control over their lives, not that they perform every tasks themselves. Independence is not linked to the physical and intellectual capacity to care for oneself without assistance; independence is created by having assistance when and how one requires it”.


LAND promotes independent living as it enables control of one’s life with the right equipment and human resources. In fact a number of our members with a disability attended conferences abroad and participated in this matter to broaden their knowledge and thus share.


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