Living Ability Not Disability (L.A.N.D.) Malta



"I am neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist."  

Max Lerner



"Living Ability Not Disability- LAND: As the name denotes, this is a group of individuals who does not let life's challenges intimidate them and keep them back from getting where they want in life. It is true that they might have more difficulties, partly because of the system, which unfortunately does not always cater for persons with disability; however their positiveness, strength and team work have surely helped  to surpass some of the obstacles in life.  My 6 year experience with this group has had a dual effect, in that there was mutual help, growth and sharing! I do urge everyone out there reading this to dedicate some of your time to volunteering with LAND, since it is one of those experiences that one has to live himself in order to appreciate what I am referring to!"

 Marija Agius 


"LAND has given me an opportunity to grow and learn, but mostly its a place where I know what I'm doing is fun and rewarding - just like a family. I am the youngest helper, yet I know the group believes in my abilities to lend a hand, which after all is the purpose of the group, to promote abilities. Before LAND, I always regarded community work as some form of unwanted 'duty', but i have understood the reason why its called 'Voluntary' work now! I urge people to reach out and give a hand to LAND and other similar organisations, as more often than not, you'll realise that the first step is the most difficult." 

Jeremy Tua


'Time spent with LAND group is full of laughter and fun and it is also a great opportunity to make new friends :)' 

Lorraine Pleven 


What is LAND? (in three phrases)


LAND is an Opportunity like no other

Few have done it, Yet LAND members are truly striving towards Independent living.


LAND is a Choice that we all need

LAND has provided with the right occasion to truly doe the right thing..


LAND is Brilliant to all..

My time spent with LAND is not only well spent but a smile waiting to happen.


Robert Cassar 


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